Is the research of astronauts helps in developing the country?

The astronauts are usually the once who study about the space.    The term Galaxies ,stars ,  plants , moon  , sun which we usually here are the part of this space. And we too live on one planet named earth. So basically my question is that it’s very obvious that astronauts studied so hard about the space. They spend their years and years in order to research the life the natural substances mad by the God in the space ! They just cut themselves from the world and only pay focus on their missions and goals. They use heavy and way too expensive machinery in order to travel  the space. The space ship cost is  so high that ten millions of pounds are spend to give one man as one round around the earth for their research. It is a far much expensive ever so far. So does it bring any change in the progress in the prosperity of a country?

According to me No! Straight no. if we looked at our surrounding  so we’ll come to know that there are millions of problems people are facing for example:

Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, load shedding, dowry issues and much more so who will going  to solve these kinds of problems!! First the astronauts must look at their surrounding around here and there that what people are  going through from, what they are facing, how much they are struggling, how they are surviving. They spend millions of amount of money on their researches despite of thinking that some people are just crying for a single penny. The lust of money made them cruel and their heart as solid as rock that they have no feelings for the people who are working day and night without taking rest in order to feed their family and only fulfill their basic needs

 So If they say that their researches made third country strode so no doubt they are wrong absolute wrong.

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